(In-kind) donations needed

To realise our work we are reliant on donations. Please support us on Betterplace!

Looking for volunteers

Get involved with JACK –  either by practising German with one of our students or by supporting our child care.

Volunteering in child care

Since many young women with children visit our centre, we’d like to permit them to learn unhurriedly. Would you like to volunteer at our child care facilities?

We are currently looking for women who want to support the childcare once a week on a regular basis.

Since many young women with smaller children take part in our classes, we want them to be able to learn at ease. That’s why our female volunteers come once or twice a week and play with the children while their mothers are in class. The child-care takes part between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Currently we’re looking for more women to join our childcare team. If you’re up to taking care of children, have some time and (at best) some experiences already, call us (+49 (30) 9156 6720) or send an e-mail ()!

Language tutoring

Many of the women participating in our courses would like to improve their German skills on an individual level and practice conversations. You are sensitive to cultural differences and enjoy language teaching and have a german level of C1?

We are currently searching for new volunteers for individual trainings!

We are frequently contacted by course participants who would like to improve their German language skills and practise daily conversations on an individual basis. Are you sensitive to cultural issues and do you like teaching? Could you imagine spending one and a half hours per week in JACK’s rooms to practise German with one of our course participants?
Then please call us (+49 (30) 9156 6720) or send an e-mail ().

Supporting our computer courses

A lot of our students would like to learn how to handle a computer mouse, to create documents, or to search for a flat on the internet.

Would you like to support them by offering courses?

Handling a mouse, Word, the Internet…these things are natural to most of us. But new media also determine who has got access to information and communication – and who hasn’t. Many of the women in our center would like to learn how to use a computer. Would you like to offer a computer course to support these women? You don’t have to be an IT expert, it’s enough to have basic skills and to love teaching. Please call us (+49 (30) 9156 6720) or send an e-mail ().

How can I become a volunteer at JACK?

Please send us some words about yourself and your motivation to volunteer for us via email.
Don’t forget your CV. During an informal talk we will then try to figure out what will be your part at our center.
If both sides want you to join our team, we will sign a volunteer’s contract which fixes your and our tasks.

What more?

To our volunteers we offer frequent workshops and trainings concerning the topics of our daily work. Throughout the last years there have been trainings about e.g. German asylum law, the prevention of sexualized violence against children and teaching German as a foreign language.